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DOT Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing in Liberal, KS & Surrounding Areas 

Ensure that your cylinders will last through the most extreme environmental conditions when you work with the staff at our service and supply company. At our local company, we offer full service options for our industrial clients throughout a 200-mile radius of Liberal, KS. As the only testing facility in the region, we proudly provide DOT cylinder hydrostatic testing in Liberal, KS, for industrial clients across a range of industries. With us on your side, you will test your pieces for strength and potential leak issues. Speak with us today to request our services for your cylinders.

Undergoing Hydrostatic Testing

Tanks and cylinders are used across a number of industries to store gases. From scuba divers to aviation professionals, many of our clients rely on these cylinders for a variety of different jobs. Because these tanks are used to carry important, and in some cases dangerous, gases, they must be kept in prime condition. Even the smallest leak can have catastrophic results if the gases are allowed to escape into the environment. In order to find and treat any potential issues with the tank, it is essential to undergo DOT cylinder hydrostatic testing on a regular basis for each of your items.

How does the process work? During the critical testing, we fill your equipment with a special liquid until a specific pressure is reached. We specifically exceed the designated working pressure of these cylinders in order to ensure that your pieces can last through the most extreme conditions. Once the desired pressure is achieved, it is held for a specific amount of time to allow us to inspect for leaks. If any leaks are found, we are able to provide you with a recommendation for your fix. It is important to note that while this test does not guarantee your cylinder or tank will last forever, it does give us a good idea of how secure it is in its current condition.


In many cases, DOT cylinder hydrostatic testing in Liberal, KS, is performed as a final step after repairs have already been completed. However, if testing turns up another issue, it is essential that you undergo another repair before you return your equipment to service. Failure to treat the source of the leak can put your staff and other individuals at risk of danger in the future. Our testing center is open for tanks and cylinders of all sizes in the area. We are happy to perform these services before you use your equipment again. 


PHMSA HAZMAT Certified Technicians

Understanding the implications of DOT cylinder hydrostatic testing can be difficult without the right team on your side. Even if you are a professional in your chosen industry, you may not understand what the results of your testing services mean. Fortunately, our team is available to provide you with an in-depth explanation.

 By turning to us for your services, you receive a full analysis of the outcome of your testing. Each of our technicians has the knowledge and expertise needed to help you understand exactly what your numbers mean. Our technicians are both Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) certified for services involving the following types of cylinders:


• SCBA • Medical/Oxygen • SCUBA
• Aviation • Large Gas Supply • CO2/Nitrous

Contact us to speak with us about your DOT cylinder hydrostatic testing services in Liberal, KS or the surrounding areas. We are the only facility to offer these services throughout a 200-mile radius of Liberal. Need something else? Ask about our oilfeild supplies, and rigging equipment in Liberal today!