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Count On Us For Your Fire Safety Supplies in Ulysses, KS 

Throughout the world, including right here in Garden city, fire safety equipment is something that few individuals consider until they have found themselves in a potentially life threatening situation. Many business owners have an "it could not possible happen to ME" type of attitude. Where it's very easy to feel like something so devastating could not possibly happen to you or your business, it's important always to expect the unexpected. Fire emergencies are ALWAYS unexpected, and can devastate even the largest of companies. Fortunately, you do not have to spend much cash to guard yourself in case of a fire. Allow C.F. Service & Supply to assist you with your fire safety supplies in Ulysses, KS. We pride ourselves on having expert knowledge in all  fire safety equipment. When you visit C.F. Service & Supply, you will leave our location confident that your business is fully prepared in case of a fire emergency.

One of the most important things you can buy to protect your business is a fire extinguisher. These are generally accessible in a wide range of models and sizes, and should be selected by the type of fire emergency you are probably going to experience. A fire extinguisher is a small, preventive measure that will saves lives and money, should a fire emergency occur. There are many resources available for helping you choose proper fire safety supplies in Ulysses, KS we pride ourselves for being one of the best in Kansas for fire safety supplies. Ulysses, KS residents learn more about what we have to offer by contacting us here. To learn more about C.F. Service & Supply, and what makes us the best for Garden city fire safety equipment, click here.

So gain the peace of mind knowing that your operation is continuously secure, and your fire protection equipment is in good working order with our on site fire extinguisher service in Ulysses. From fire extinguisher inspections to fire safety equipment sales, we can handle it all.

Who We Are: Experts In Kansas Rig, Pipeline, Tank Battery, & Fire Safety Equipment

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                                 C.F. Service & Supply also specializes in Oil Rigging and Pipeline supplies as well as additional  personal protection equipment and supplies.  

  C.F. Service & Supply also specializes in Oil Rigging and Pipeline supplies as well as additional personal protection equipment and supplies.  
You will always have the right solution for any job when you use our array of products and services. Since 1992, C.F. Service & Supply has been dedicated to helping well service, drilling, and energy companies gain access to the tools and equipment needed to perform the task at hand. From rubber products to rig equipment, you are never without options. Whether you need to rent a Blow-Out Preventer (B.O.P.), repair a set of tubing tongs, or have a service hand set a plug or packer on location, our rental/repair and downhole tool services provide it all. Check out our rental/repair page for information on; Air Valves Hydraulic Cylinders, Weight Indicator Pads, Depthometer repair and contact us today.

Our friendly professionals are experts in the industry and take pride in finding the right products for your project. With on-call, after-hour services available, you know that we are always ready to help.